Cald book cover Champion Hill Complete Dispersal
February 4, 2017
Gallipolis, OH

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We strive each and every breeding season to consistently produce cattle that have the ingredients to make top show heifers and then go on to develop into functional brood cows for their new owners.

At Champion Hill our philosophy has always been to breed the kind of cattle that will not only perform in the showring but will also make a positive contribution to the beef cattle industry. We realize that when a heifer calf is purchased from Champion Hill the percentage of her life that will be spent in the showring is small compared to the number of years that she will be required to be a working, beef-producing female. With this philosophy in mind we have chosen what we believe to be the top cow families available today to use as our foundation donor cows and they now anchor our extensive embryo transplant program. Using these donor cows we are able to consistently offer each and every year the highest quality set of junior show heifer prospects available at any sale. However, we also realize that there is another half to our calf crop every year, and that is the proper herd bull selection.

HeifersWe are honored to be selected by the Beef Improvement Federation as the 2009 Co-Seedstock Producer of the Year. Champion Hill has also been named the Premier Breeder of the Junior National in 6 out of the last 10 years and Premier Breeder of numerous other open and junior shows. We are very pleased with the contributions our bulls make to the Seedstock and Commercial Beef Industries through our genetic partnership with Kelly and Martie Jo Schaff of Schaff Angus Valley, Bismarck, ND.


Success, and especially continued success, does not come easy and we realize at Champion Hill that the only way for us to consistently produce the quality of cattle that our customers have come to expect is to manage our operation with a team of people who have the same dedication to success as we do. Marshall Reynolds is our leader and he expects only success in everything we do at Champion Hill.

At Champion Hill, we're not ashamed to say that the only thing that we like better than winning ourselves is to see young people win with cattle they purchased from us or those they have produced from their past Champion Hill purchases.